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Every BODY Matters

The Mobile Rehab team utilizes compassion and expertise to treat even the most complex cases of pain and physical dysfunction. We make each patient’s case a top priority. Our goal at Mobile Rehab is to provide quality care to allow our patients to return to a normal life. From gardening, driving, grocery shopping, returning to work, or spending time with family. Our services are designed to help patients to active lifestyle.
Our seasoned therapists utilize evidence-based therapeutic techniques to maximize each patient’s benefit.

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About Us

Our experienced physical therapy team evaluates each patient to provide a plan of care that targets the patient's goals from increasing range of motion to restoring the strength and balance necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.
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    Our Advantages

    Personalized Treatment
    You will receive a full individualized treatment
    Comfortable Clinic
    Our clinic feels like a comfortable health & fitness center
    Licensed Therapists
    Your treatment will be performed by only licensed therapists
    Practitioners Network
    We will work closely with all your health practitioners
    Experience Staff
    Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy technique
    Therapy Goals
    Setting goals is the best way to enjoy a successful outcome
    Take control of your future
    Pain, fear, weakness, and immobility do NOT have to define you. Contact us to see how our therapists can improve YOUR life.

    What Our Patients Say About Us


    So far so good!


    Felt better after each visit.
    Very Thankful for all the effort put in by my therapist.


    I did enjoy and learn a lot having therpay
    with Mobile REhab Inc.
    The employees are very helpful and courteous.
    I would recommend Mobile Rehab
    to anybody who needs therapeutic treatment.


    I feel better every time and
    at home with the staff.


    Demuestran profesionalismo y conocimiento
    en sus instrucciones para terapia
    ayudándome en mi recuperacion.


    My whole experience (visits) with the Mobile Rehab staff
    and the employees was very rewarding.
    Staff and therapists are very professional and well mannered.
    I would recommend this clinic to anyone in need of physical therapy.


    Mi experiencia ha sido beneficiosa con los ejercicios
    que mi an esnado y me an aquando en mover mas
    mi homro y mi rodilla la peude mover mucho mas
    y e apredido que los ejercicios san muy
    importantes implementares en casa,
    los trabiyandares, terapistas, sen muy amales y esten muy atenter condo ilegas,
    cuando te traten y cuando te bas
    esten siempre al pendiente de ti
    en especial la doctora.
    Muchos Gracias.


    I was very frustrated when I first got here.
    I couldn’t walk.
    But everyone was reassuring and made sure I was comfortable here.
    It got me excited to get better.
    After 2 months, I’m getting better every time I come.


    My pain has decreased significantly since I began treatment.
    I still have a few sessions to go and I’m looking forward to being completely pain-free.
    I also learned some stretching exercises that I can always utilize after I’m done.


    I couldn’t recommend any place better than Mobile Rehab,
    such friend staff getting to the point of the problem.
    They would listening to your problems and work on it.
    Will recommend to anyone. 100% SATISFACTION.


    Mobile Rehab has been a a very helpful experience.
    Russel really took time to help me as well as Dan.
    They made me feel comfortable and gave me good therapy on my injury.
    I would recommend Mobile Rehab to anyone.


    Thanks a lot for referring me to Mobile Rehab Therapy.
    I really experienced a lot and I really feel better.


    Its been a good few weeks, and I noticed a lot more mobility in my shoulder after therapy.
    I like coming to therapy, its relaxing.
    Very friendly environment, not to mention,
    I’m slowly progressing, which is good.


    Yo Me Siento bien cuando estoy haciendo ejercicio
    si tengo menos dolor mesiento bien de mis rodillas grasias mesiento muy bien.


    Hola, gracias a todos los que trabajan aqui gracias
    por ayudamme y que Dios los vendiga atodos.
    Asen muy buen Travajo


    Staff has been very helpful and informative.
    They will push you to make sure your form is good
    and exercises are done properly.
    Very friendly.


    Me siento muy comoua,
    son muy amables me ayudan much sus terapias son efectivas,
    en la primer terapia me senti muy bien.
    Y lo mas importante es que ya no tengo dolor.
    Gracias por su ayuda


    Todo el equpode movile Rehab Inc. Trabajan Exelentemente.


    Muy beneficioso para dolor en regionlembar y coluyuzia, y estaldce parte altu.


    Mobile Rehab team helps me a lot for my treatment
    with very positive results and they are very supportive in helping me reach my health goals.
    I will highly recommend good Physical Therapy!
    The staff are friendly, caring and very knowledgeable.


    All exercises were explained clearly.
    Everyone was easy to work with and was patient.
    This has helped me with my everyday mobility.


    The Staff of Mobile Rehab are attentive to the patient problem,
    they have helped me to manage the pain I have on my back.
    My pain level has improved since treatment started.


    The staff of Mobile Rehab Inc
    has exceeded my expectations,
    had changed my physical well being and mind.
    They are great! Thanks!
    I highly recommend Mobile Rehab Inc.


    Estot murconte nta porave tengo mucho
    beneficio mucho mejora menito poyi mego
    mibraza y aoya mi rodizsa muy buenas terapistas.


    Great experience!
    They are very thoughtful and kind.
    Really felt the family feeling. Great job.
    Thank you.


    Mobile Rehab has helped me a lot on my healing journey.
    It has showed me the root cause of my physical pain
    and how to heal it with time and effort.


    It’s my 3rd time to have sessions with physical therapists.
    I would say that so far, they have the best therapists.
    The facility has complete amenities.
    The staff is accommodating and respectful,
    and oftentimes, they really give me the best treatment.
    It’s my pleasure to recommend Mobile Rehab Inc. to those who are looking for therapy.


    When I first visited the Mobile Rehab Clinic,
    I was having pains with my left shoulder from an injury while hanging plants.
    I could hardly lift my left arm, nor I was able to lift my left shoulder.
    I was having difficulty doing self care and ADLs.
    Staff was very caring, helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable.
    Daryl, PT., was very patient helping me with exercises to gradually increase my ROM.
    He challenged me more rigorous routines until I finally achieved being fully healed (almost) to my left upper arm.


    Yes I’m back to normal not walking with a cane.
    My balance is getting better.
    They were nice caring and lovable people.
    I would recommend this clinic to anyone.


    I have a good experience in Mobile Rehab.
    It’s a great pleasure doing my rehab and physical therapy.


    Everyone/staff here was very helpful from start to finish.
    The hands-on rehab and the concern for my health was truly a blessing.
    I would recommend Mobile Rehab to anyone who needs Rehab.


    Ertoy content me an alludado muche la veavilitacion.
    Todos son buenas pera dor mosage y muy paciente con mozotioz graciaz


    I enjoyed therapy at Mobile Rehab.
    It helped me with my pain.
    Thank you!


    Personal muy atentos y profesionalesi
    les agrades co to das sus atenciones.
    Espenu que Dios los Bendigu y continueni con ese profesionalisano.


    Staff are friendly and professional.
    PT’s are very knowledgeable and
    will explain the exercises given to their patients.


    Professional staff, friendly, and courteous.
    Organized and clean area. Will highly recommend to others.


    Making sure that I am paying attention
    to my body always exercising and eating healthy.
    They have taught me a lot of training exercises
    that have helped me to recover.
    Mobile Rehab has done an excellent job
    in taking care of me and getting to know
    my strengths and finding out what I need to be working on.


    My back feels so much better than before.
    Everyone was so nice and friendly


    My pain level dropped.
    The therapy sessions are one on one.
    They have convenient time frames to make appointments.


    My experience with Mobile Rehab was fantastic!
    They are very nice and very helpful.
    They even taught me to do some exercises which I can also do at home.
    When the pain is excruciating and when I am having troubles walking,
    these exercises helped me a lot.
    They even recommended me to wear the right shoes based on my foot condition.
    With that, I highly recommend them.


    I feel better every time and at home with the staff.


    Mobile Rehab is a good rehab to go when you really need a Physical Therapist.
    They are good and hard workers.
    I will recommended it to anyone who needs to go in rehab when they are injured.


    Gracias a Mobile Rehab Inc. Personal muy eficiente.
    Todos meayudaron a correguir mi postura enel proseso de cada
    terapia aplicada a mis piernas que con mucha pasciencia me dieron animoy apogo.
    Recomiendo ampliamente atodos losylas terapistastan profecionales.
    Les deceo mucho exito y muchas bendiciones.


    Great experience!
    They are very thoughtful and kind.
    Really felt the family feeling. Great job. Thank you.


    Mobile Rehab is run by Pro’s who really know how to do their jobs. In only a few weeks, Russell was able to help me get my shoulders functioning again. My right shoulder feels fully healed while my left shoulder is a few weeks away from 100%. They focus on exercises targeting your injured body and work with you based on your abilities. They have VERY friendly and caring staff who work with you to get you fully recovered.


    Como expiriencia muy Buena atencion exelente majors resultados con la terapia mas mubilidad mas fuersa major estabilidad y major en caminar y muy Buenos resultados.


    I like being here, the people are very nice to me and help me to set up in the right position and to help me to remember how to think about setting in the stroke position.

    I will tell my doctor, that I would like to come back at Mobile Rehab Inc.


    I had such a great experience at Mobile Rehab Inc. Every staff is accommodating and friendly which made my coarse of Rehab easier, with outstanding hospitality and customer service define its best accentuated with the best treatment physically and heartfelt level of care. Kudos to Luke, Daryl, Roger, Russell, Richard and Belle.


    I will have to say my experience at Mobile Rehab has been a pleasant one. The team here has been very supportive of my success in healing. Making sure to help me gain the strength needed to get back to normal. I have and will always utilize this team for my therapy needs.


    I have learned various physical exercises at Mobile Rehab that change and enhance my health and strengthen my daily activities in life.


    Since I started Mobile Rehab, I could not walk at all. I was very depended on my walker, but with the experts and professionals of Mobile Rehab, they gave me very loving, professional expert physical therapy training that started to recuperate my walking normally. Balance achieved 100% better, so now I can walk; balance myself with a lot more confidence normally.

    I am blessed, and extremely happy with Mobile Rehab of National City, California.


    I was referred for PT because of a work injury. Daryl and the rest of the staff supported me with therapy, exercises and encouragement. The therapy helped me to gradually get stronger and loosened up my muscles. All the staff remained excellent, kind and courteous and they all worked together as a team.

    Now, I have less pain and move better.


    My experience with Mobile Rehab has been excellent.
    All the physical therapists are excellent and knowledgeable.
    They have been able to answer all my questions.
    They have made me well, feel welcomed and comfortable through the process.


    Coming to Mobile Rehab Inc, is an exceptional/spectacular experience. The therapists are wonderful, very professional and know what they are doing. Since coming here, I got a lot better and improved. I’m able to function well and moved around better not only the staff are friendly. They help you a lot to work with your problems. I am always looking forward to do my exercises. They know how to push to get you better.

    I will recommend the Mobile Rehab to everyone that I know who needs therapy.


    Muy buenas las terapias que me an ayuda en el movimiento de mi pie isquierdo los terapistas muy amigables y muy profecionales en su trabajo


    Mejor movimiento y menos dolor en espalda, u si es posible continijar con terapia.


    Great experience with Mobile Rehab Physical Therapy, because all the employee is very nice and professional and they teach you the proper lifting, position in your body how to work on it. Thank you Mobile Rehab… Great Work!


    Serbisyo Muy Bueno
    Su terapista muy amable y tambien sus companeros
    Soy amables suterapista Lo a all udado Mucho.
    A caminar con su balance ella esta masizo
    Enpoco tiempo muy Buenos doctores terapistas amiesposo Leaserbido mucho


    I have been diagnosed with Guillain – Barre Syndrome, 6 years ago after having Physical Therapy at Mobile Rehab, I have improved.

    When I walk into Mobile Rehab Physical Therapy, I was walking slow or bend. I wasn’t able to step up on stairs. My left leg was weaker. Now I am more confident in my walking longer distances going up or down steps.


    I had my physical therapy in this clinic for over 1 month. I was consistently impressed with the entire staff, from the front desk (Roger), to the Physical Therapists Maureen (Clinic Manager) and Robert. My first contact was Roger who was very helpful, accommodating and made me feel at home. The first point of contact is crucial!!! Maureen, very caring, friendly and accommodating, treats her patients with respect. She takes time to be caring even while maintaining an efficient clinic. Robert is very knowledgeable of what he does, explains in detail of treatment and what to expect during the course of treatment. Very professional!!! I am impressed with the quality, professionalism, caring, respectfulness and friendliness of all the staff that I would highly recommend this clinic.


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